Q & A (Questions and answers)

1. How long does it take to clean an apartment, so I could count, how many hours will I need to book?

This, of course depends on the person and the individual home, and what needs to be done. If you want the cleaner not only to wash floors and dust, but also to do the dishes and ironing, it will take more time. Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen always takes more time because of the equipment and different surfaces.

Approximate time for regular cleaning (by m2):

    21-40 m2 approximately 2-3 hours*
    41-60 m2 approximately 3-4 hours*
    61-100 m2 approximately 4-5 hours*
   101-150 m2 approximately 5 -6 hours*
   151-200 m2 approximately 6-8 hours*

* The hours for cleaning can differ depending on how clean is your appartment at the moment and how many furniture and other things you have.

The first cleaning usually takes more time, because you need to go through all the necessary work. You will also get a priority list of things that the cleaner can do for you. There you can mark, which places you want us to clean first and our cleaner will then follow your specified priorities and clean as much as she can within the hours you have booked.

2. If I am not satisfied with cleaner’s job, what should I do?

We strive to provide total satisfaction. If it however happens that you are not happy with our work, please write to us at info@helpathome.lv or call +371 268 56 311 and we will try to find a solution together.

3. If I am providing my own cleaning equipment, what type of equipment do I need?

Before starting work, we will send you a list of the necessary cleaning equipment.

4. What happens if the cleaner breaks something?

If an accident happens and the cleaner breaks something, our third party liability insurance will cover damages for up to 100 000 euro.

5. What happens if my regular cleaner is sick?

When this happens, we try to find a replacement who can provide the service for you or you can choose another day, when your cleaner is back at work. The same applies if the cleaner is on holiday.

6. How can I cancel regular cleaning if I am going on holiday, for example?

You can postpone the cleaning by writing to info@helpathome.lv. Please write an e-mail at least one week before the planned cleaning work.

7. How can I cancel regular cleaning?

We of course hope that our cooperation with you will be long and successful, but if you have decided to cancel regular cleaning with us, you should give 1 month’s notice by sending an e-mail to info@helpathome.lv

8. Is it safe to hire the cleaner from you?

It is much safer than to hire the cleaner straight from the 'street'. We select our cleaners very carefully and make sure they are trustworthy, because our employees are the ones enhancing our reputation. If you book a cleaner with Help@Home, you can be sure that your home/office will always be clean, and if your regular cleaner is sick, we will provide another cleaner, who will do the job equally as well. The fact that we have liability insurance from Balta that will cover damages for up to 100 000 Euro gives you additional peace of mind.