Spring cleaning

Spring is traditionally a time to clean the house from top to bottom, and clean those awkward areas or those places nobody really sees. However, this cleaning isn’t just for Spring, you might want it doing at other times of the year as well.

In addition to the usual cleaning, our cleaners will spend time cleaning behind radiators, tops of wardrobes and all those out of sight places, making your place feel light fresh and airy. 

In commonly used areas the cleaner will do the following:

  • vacuum cleaning for carpets and furniture
  • dust smaller carpets (if any)
  • clean windows inside and outside
  • wash the doors, mouldings and thresholds
  • clean ventilation hatch
  • clean wardrobe and free surface above it
  • clean walls Will clean mirrors
  • dust furniture, lamps, paintings, shelves

In bathroom and toilet:

  • clean toilet seat, sinks, bath and shower cabins inside and outside
  • clean shelves
  • clean walls and floors

In kitchen:

  • clean the fridge (inside (as much as possible)and outside). If you want the cleaner to clean also freezer, please defrost it before.
  • clean the oven (inside and outside)
  • wash dishes
  • clean the place, where is the waste basket (inside and outside)
  • clean kitchen shelves
  • clean kitchen surfaces and walls
  • clean kitchen hood

Here are the approx hours worked to clean an appartment (in m2)

    21 – 40 m2 approx 4 – 6h*
    41 – 60 m2 approx 6 – 8h*
    61 – 100 m2 approx 8 – 12h*
   101 – 150 m2 approx 12 – 14h*
   151 – 200 m2 approx 14 – 16h*

* The hours for cleaning can differ depending on how clean is your appartment at the moment and how many furniture and other things you have.

With Help@Home you can choose for how many hours you want a cleaner. Our cleaner will try to do as much work as possible within this time. As in general cleaning result is the most important, our cleaners will work until it's perfect. If the cleaner can't finish the job within the hours you have booked, we will coordinate times with you. If you accept, our cleaners will finish the job. If the job is done earlier, we will reduce the sum on the bill.

When doing a general cleaning, we are taking our own equipment, because some surfaces need to be cleaned with special equipment that can't be found in every home. We would be happy if you could provide us with hoover and stairs, so the cleaner could reach places that are high. It is advisable that you are home when cleaner comes, so you can show her your house and point out things that are fragile and need to be handled with an extra care.

It is very easy to book this service. You can do it here or by calling our office +371 268 56 311