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The fifties was a time, when the wife in the family took care of the house. Dinner was served, laundry and dishes done, shoes polished, house always kept tidy. It was also the time, when a man could take care of his family alone. The children went to good schools and being a housewife was a noble duty.

Times have changed. Women have become more independent, capable of proving themselves in a labour market and are busier than ever. Many women own their own businesses and cleaning the house from top to bottom is not a priority any more, but it is so nice to have a clean house. So, in order to have a clean house, why not ask someone to clean it for you?

Help@Home has a team who love cleanliness. Each and every one of us has experience in the cleaning business and we are here to make your life easier.  Entrust your cleaning to Help@Home and we will make sure everything is clean and tidy every day.

Quality and convenience – these are our most important values. All our employees have been trained and know about the latest developments and trends in the industry.

To order any of our services, you only need a phone and/or internet. Call +371 268 56 311 to order on the phone or click here and make the booking through the web page.


As I am the owner of the company, I don' t have too much free time. And cleaning the house takes a lot of time. From my friend I heard about Help@Home and decided to try once. Now I am their regular customer and trust the cleaning of my house to them. Cleaners are very good and know their job. Now I can use my free time for things I like to do.

Baiba, Riga

I needed to clean my appartment after a birthday party. From a friend of mine I heard about Help@Home and decided to try. I called up and on scheduled time the cleaner was here. Within three hours my appartment was clean again. I will deffinitely use this company again in the future.

Oskars, Riga
(IT specialist)

I am a new mother and my baby takes all my time. I don't have a time and power to clean appartment every week. All my attention goes to my son. I am very happy there is a company like Help@Home, who comes and cleans my appartment when I need it. I reccommend the services of this company to others.

Katrīna, Riga
(new mother)